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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Conduitt, 6 books
Richard S. Westfall, 5 books
A. Rupert Hall, 4 books
Rob Iliffe, 4 books
Isaac Newton, 4 books
William Rankin, 4 books
Steele, Philip, 3 books
Tessa Morrison, 3 books
I. Bernard Cohen, 3 books
Betty Jo Teeter Dobbs, 3 books
Kay Barnham, 3 books
Andrew Janiak, 3 books
Nick Hunter, 3 books
I. Bernard Cohen, 3 books
Peter Rowlands, 3 books
James E. Force, 2 books
Mary Gribbin, 2 books
Edwin A. Burtt, 2 books
J. F. Scott, 2 books
Larry Dobrow, 2 books
Matt Goldish, 2 books
Edward Dolnick, 2 books
Curtis Wilson, 2 books
James Gleick, 2 books
Gale E. Christianson, 2 books


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