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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jim Arnosky, 6 books
Mark Dion, 6 books
Biese, Alfred, 5 books
Arnold Berleant, 5 books
Paul Klee, 5 books
Augustin Berque, 4 books
Johnson, Cathy, 4 books
Andy Goldsworthy, 4 books
Long, Richard, 4 books
John D. Barrow, 4 books
Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy, 3 books
Cornish, Vaughan, 3 books
Andreas Feininger, 3 books
Anthony Ravielli, 3 books
Lewis Foreman Day, 3 books
Giuseppe Penone, 3 books
Gretchen Osgood Warren, 3 books
Charles Bucke, 3 books
Xin Wu, 3 books
Rochelle Newman, 3 books
M. Powell, 3 books
John K. Grande, 3 books
S. Ebert-Schifferer, 3 books
Frans Krajcberg, 3 books
Rosario Assunto, 3 books


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