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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zilá Bernd, 4 books
Edouard Glissant, 4 books
Vrajabihārī Caube, 3 books
Luis Miletti, 3 books
Édouard Glissant, 3 books
Graciela Maglia, 3 books
Philip O'Leary, 3 books
Philip Schwyzer, 2 books
Mari Jose Olaziregi, 2 books
Kathy Lavezzo, 2 books
Gauti Kristmannsson, 2 books
Jerry Nolan, 2 books
Thomas F. Connolly, 2 books
Michael Gluzman, 2 books
Alain Ricard, 2 books
Ki-sam Hong, 2 books
Patrick Parrinder, 2 books
Stephen R. Prothero, 2 books
Jan Prokop, 2 books
Alan Riach, 2 books
Myŏng-jae Yi, 2 books
Chŏng-il Ha, 2 books
Chu-mi Yi, 2 books
Anne Frey, 2 books
Sharon Worley, 2 books


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