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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yi, Kwang-gyu, 3 books
Sŏn-hwa O, 3 books
Paul A. Leppert, 2 books
No-ja Pak, 2 books
Yŏl-gyu Kim, 2 books
Tʻae-rim Yun, 2 books
Yŏng-gi Kim, 2 books
Ŏ-ryŏng Yi, 2 books
Wenxue Jin, 2 books
Yŏng-sin Pak, 2 books
Ki-baek Yi, 2 books
Hiroshi Furuta, 2 books
Se-hwa Hong, 2 books
Sŏng-jae Kang, 2 books
Richard Saccone, 2 books
Hong, Sa-jung., 1 book
Cho, Tong-il, 1 book
Robert Charvin, 1 book
Myŏng-sŏk Pak, 1 book
Boye De Mente, 1 book
Chun-man Kang, 1 book
Paul S. Crane, 1 book
Thomas Hosuck Kang, 1 book
Byung-Nak Song, 1 book
Kye-sun Im, 1 book


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