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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yi, Kwang-gyu, 15 books
Hyŏn-hŭi Yi, 15 books
Chʻan-jŏng Kim, 14 books
Pyŏng-sŏk Yun, 8 books
Barbara Demick, 7 books
Hwan Pak, 7 books
B. D. Pak, 6 books
G. N. Kim, 6 books
Yŏng-sŏk Pak, 6 books
In-dŏk Kim, 6 books
Masuo Yoshioka, 5 books
Kyŏng-sik Pak, 5 books
Hŭi-gon Kim, 5 books
Kyŏng-sik Sŏ, 5 books
Im-jun O, 5 books
Korea (South). Kuksa Pʻyŏnchʻan Wiwŏnhoe, 5 books
Tal-su Kim, 4 books
Kim, Ku, 4 books
G. V. Kan, 4 books
Min-ho Hwang, 4 books
Yuanhua Shi, 4 books
Nikolaĭ Fedorovich Bugaĭ, 4 books
Yūichi Higuchi, 4 books
Sang-jung Kang, 4 books
Yŏng-hwan Wŏn, 4 books


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