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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
A. Leo Oppenheim, 6 books
Martha T. Roth, 6 books
Georg August Wallin, 4 books
Shlomo Gazit, 4 books
Zeev Eytan, 4 books
Al Janssen, 3 books
Eka Avaliani, 3 books
William Spencer, 3 books
John Wilkinson, 3 books
Reynold A. Nicholson, 3 books
William Spender, 3 books
Shaul Mishal, 3 books
Albert Habib Hourani, 3 books
Anthony H. Cordesman, 3 books
Brother Andrew, 3 books
Alexandre Adler, 2 books
Bernard Lewis, 2 books
Nicolas Puig, 2 books
Marcius Willson, 2 books
Antoine Sfeir, 2 books
Michael Kort, 2 books
Jenni Fleetwood, 2 books
Walter Laqueur, 2 books
Leila Ahmed, 2 books
Martti Nissinen, 2 books


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