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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Aleida Assmann, 4 books
Ansgar Nünning, 3 books
Luiz Roberto Cairo, 3 books
William E. Engel, 3 books
Fiona Schouten, 3 books
Manfred Koch, 2 books
Anne Whitehead, 2 books
Karol Sauerland, 2 books
Amritjit Singh, 2 books
Marilyn Bowering, 2 books
Gene A. Plunka, 2 books
Martha J. Cutter, 2 books
Matthew Campbell, 2 books
Nancy J. Peterson, 2 books
Luigi De Poli, 2 books
Sabina Gola, 2 books
Benzi Zhang, 2 books
Paul Fussell, 2 books
Jean Bessière, 2 books
Marion Gymnich, 2 books
Sarah Leggott, 2 books
Wojciech Kalaga, 2 books
Ilse Nagelschmidt, 2 books
Ruth Franklin, 2 books
Edward Clark, 2 books


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