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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jörg Oberste, 8 books
Amino, Yoshihiko, 7 books
Enrico Guidoni, 7 books
Vittorio Franchetti Pardo, 6 books
Edith Ennen, 6 books
Pirenne, Henri, 6 books
Giuliano Pinto, 6 books
Renato Bordone, 6 books
Jeremy Haslam, 5 books
Heinz Stoob, 5 books
Jacques Heers, 5 books
Paolo Pirillo, 5 books
Jan Dumolyn, 5 books
Vito Fumagalli, 5 books
Peter Johanek, 5 books
Marc Boone, 5 books
Jacques Dubourg, 5 books
A. A. Svanidze, 4 books
Matsuyama, Hiroshi, 4 books
Gina Fasoli, 4 books
Rörig, Fritz, 4 books
Heinrich Gottfried Philipp Gengler, 4 books
Braun, Georg, 4 books
Nicholas, David, 4 books
Theodore Alois Buckley, 4 books