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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean Baudrillard, 4 books
Salvador Giner, 3 books
Elémire Zolla, 3 books
Taketani, Mitsuo, 2 books
Irvine Schiffer, 2 books
Andrew Potter, 2 books
Carlo Bordoni, 2 books
Armand Mattelart, 2 books
Bernard Rosenberg, 2 books
Orrin Edgar Klapp, 2 books
G. Oganov, 1 book
Paolo Stauder, 1 book
Jon Hendricks, 1 book
Gauthier, A., 1 book
G. G. Diligenskiĭ, 1 book
Jorge Millas, 1 book
Robert Atwan, 1 book
Don Martindale, 1 book
Kuno, Osamu, 1 book
Kasahara, Kiyoshi, 1 book
Yanagi, Yōko., 1 book
Tanaka, Shōji, 1 book
Tanaka, Yasuo, 1 book
Yasunaga, Takemi, 1 book
Marcel, Gabriel, 1 book


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