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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Armand Mattelart, 8 books
Chun-man Kang, 7 books
Javier Esteinou Madrid, 7 books
Marshall McLuhan, 5 books
Denis McQuail, 4 books
Franco Ferrarotti, 4 books
Muniz Sodré, 4 books
Tsuganesawa, Toshihiro, 3 books
Jean Lohisse, 3 books
Benjamin D. Singer, 3 books
Michael Kunczik, 3 books
Walter Ramos Poyares, 3 books
Francis Balle, 3 books
Marc Raboy, 3 books
Joan Corbella, 3 books
Doris A. Graber, 3 books
Sŏn-yŏng Yu, 3 books
Ricardo Sol, 2 books
Ernest Zahn, 2 books
Caterina Selvaggi, 2 books
Richard Roy Martin, 2 books
Fausto Izcaray, 2 books
Ernst Zahn, 2 books
Pál Orbán, 2 books
N. Bhaskara Rao, 2 books


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