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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Galadriel Waters, 4 books
Allan Zola Kronzek, 4 books
David Colbert, 3 books
Suman Gupta, 3 books
Wilson, Anne, 2 books
John Granger, 2 books
Morena Poltronieri, 2 books
George W. Beahm, 2 books
Ian McAdam, 2 books
Jeffrey E. Thomas, 2 books
Martín, Carlos., 2 books
Heidi Breuer, 2 books
Lori M. Campbell, 2 books
Regina Kozubowska, 2 books
Katharine Mary Briggs, 2 books
Corinne J. Saunders, 2 books
Linda Woodbridge, 2 books
Hugh Parry, 2 books
Ernst Friedrich, 1 book
Sara Soto, 1 book
Elena Dorante, 1 book
Nicolae Oprea, 1 book
Lisa M. Fiander, 1 book
Greg Garrett, 1 book
Gabriela Dragnea, 1 book


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