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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
N. Gregory Mankiw, 34 books
Roger LeRoy Miller, 23 books
Stanley Fischer, 22 books
Olivier Blanchard, 21 books
Parkin, Michael, 21 books
Rudiger Dornbusch, 21 books
Robin Bade, 20 books
Michael Parkin, 17 books
Michael Woodford, 14 books
Campbell R. McConnell, 14 books
Arthur O'Sullivan, 14 books
Philip Arestis, 13 books
Daron Acemoglu, 12 books
Karl E. Case, 12 books
James D. Gwartney, 12 books
John B. Taylor, 12 books
R. Glenn Hubbard, 12 books
Richard Portes, 11 books
Richard Startz, 10 books
Michael Carlberg, 10 books
Edwin Mansfield, 10 books
Robert Dimand, 10 books
William A. McEachern, 10 books
Ray C. Fair, 10 books
Thomas J. Sargent, 9 books


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