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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roger LeRoy Miller, 25 books
Paul Krugman, 22 books
Michael Parkin, 21 books
Robin Wells, 20 books
Robin Bade, 20 books
Parkin, Michael, 20 books
Hal R. Varian, 20 books
Edwin Mansfield, 19 books
Karl E. Case, 19 books
Robert H. Frank, 17 books
William J. Baumol, 16 books
R. Glenn Hubbard, 16 books
N. Gregory Mankiw, 16 books
Jeffrey M. Perloff, 14 books
Joseph E. Stiglitz, 14 books
Walter Nicholson, 12 books
Arthur O'Sullivan, 12 books
James D. Gwartney, 11 books
Edgar K. Browning, 11 books
David Besanko, 11 books
William A. McEachern, 10 books
Eric R. Dodge, 9 books
Paul R. Krugman, 9 books
Dominick Salvatore, 9 books
Bradley R. Schiller, 8 books