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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daron Acemoglu, 38 books
Ricardo J. Caballero, 38 books
David E. Card, 25 books
Michael D. Bordo, 23 books
Daniel S. Hamermesh, 23 books
Joshua Aizenman, 22 books
Bekaert, Geert., 21 books
Olivier Blanchard, 21 books
Alan J. Auerbach, 21 books
Bennett T. McCallum, 21 books
Sebastian Edwards, 21 books
David M. Cutler, 19 books
Lawrence J. Christiano, 19 books
John Y. Campbell, 19 books
Charles Engel, 19 books
Menzie David Chinn, 17 books
Jeffrey A. Frankel, 17 books
Assaf Razin, 17 books
Marios Angeletos, 16 books
James M. Poterba, 16 books
David Neumark, 16 books
Russell W. Cooper, 16 books
Alberto Alesina, 16 books
Robert Ernest Hall, 16 books
Jonathan Gruber, 15 books