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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Christopher Saint German, 17 books
David Dyzenhaus, 11 books
Jennifer Nedelsky, 11 books
H. L. A. Hart, 7 books
Devlin, Patrick Baron, 7 books
Joel Feinberg, 7 books
Carl Wellman, 5 books
John Finnis, 5 books
Jules L. Coleman, 5 books
Arthur Ripstein, 4 books
Robert P. George, 4 books
Robert F. Meier, 4 books
Neil MacCormick, 3 books
St. John-Stevas, Norman., 3 books
Burton M. Leiser, 3 books
Roy L. Moore, 3 books
Gilbert Geis, 3 books
Benjamin Sells, 3 books
Wojciech Sadurski, 3 books
Baudouin Dupret, 3 books
Jay S. Albanese, 3 books
Jules Coleman, 3 books
Uberto Scarpelli, 3 books
Koen Raes, 3 books
Otfried Höffe, 3 books


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