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  • Bias by Bernard Goldberg
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    Personal history by Katharine Graham
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    A history of news by Mitchell Stephens
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    Inventing Reality by Michael Parenti
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    Off the Record by Norman Pearlstine
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    Deciding what's news by Gans, Herbert J.
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    Free-lancer and staff writer--newspaper features and magazine articles by William L. Rivers
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    What liberal media? by Eric Alterman
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    Journalism Today by McGraw-Hill
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    Edward R. Murrow and the birth of broadcast journalism by Edwards, Bob
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    Deadline by James Jr Reston
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    Arrogance by Bernard Goldberg
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeff Cohen, 4 books
Kristina Börjesson, 3 books
Bernard Goldberg, 2 books
Davis Merritt, 2 books
Noha Mellor, 1 book
Seth Mnookin, 1 book
Dan Gillmor, 1 book
Bob Kohn, 1 book
Pete Hamill, 1 book
Mitchell Stephens, 1 book
Carl Nelson Warren, 1 book
Howard B. Taylor, 1 book
Michael Schudson, 1 book
Bill Kovach, 1 book
David L. Paletz, 1 book
Ken Auletta, 1 book
Anderson, Jack, 1 book
McGraw-Hill, 1 book
Norman Pearlstine, 1 book
James Jr Reston, 1 book
Sarah Niblock, 1 book
Michael Parenti, 1 book
Scott Gant, 1 book
Woodward, Bob., 1 book
Eric Alterman, 1 book


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