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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zhenyu Luo, 10 books
Houxuan Hu, 6 books
Fanggang Weng, 6 books
Xingyan Sun, 5 books
I-pʻing Yen, 5 books
Yang, Shuda, 4 books
Yuan Ruan, 4 books
Qixiang Zhu, 4 books
Dengfu Feng, 4 books
Pingsheng Hu, 3 books
Shen Yang, 3 books
Guojun An, 3 books
Jieqi Chen, 3 books
Zhongrong Qu, 3 books
Jun Zhao, 3 books
Pên-chi Huang, 3 books
Shao-tsu Chao, 3 books
Duanfang, 3 books
Heng Ma, 3 books
Yu, Xingwu, 2 books
Bi, Yuan, 2 books
Leslie Williamson, 2 books
Yuqian Pian, 2 books
Yuzheng Bai, 2 books
Changshou Ma, 2 books


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