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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joachim Fest, 4 books
Heinrich Breloer, 3 books
Kyra T. Inachin, 3 books
Guido Knopp, 3 books
Armin Gebhardt, 3 books
Birgit Schreiber, 2 books
Karl Heinz Jahnke, 2 books
Marita A. Panzer, 2 books
J org Rathjen, 2 books
Benno H. Kopper, 2 books
Gerd R. Uebersch ar, 2 books
Dieter D orner, 2 books
Karola Fings, 2 books
Hans K. Schulze, 2 books
Volker Koop, 2 books
Ursula Reinhold, 1 book
Rainer Awiszus, 1 book
Stephan Marks, 1 book
Wolfgang Schuller, 1 book
Theo Sommer, 1 book
Werner Dreyer, 1 book
Otto von Bismarck, 1 book
Michael Faude, 1 book
Renate Wald, 1 book
Winfried Welzer, 1 book


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