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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Julie Knutson, 17 books
Dieter Struss, 11 books
Jim Corrigan, 10 books
Renouvin, Pierre, 9 books
Genevieve Foster, 9 books
Neville Williams, 9 books
Jacques-Auguste de Thou, 7 books
Hans Kohn, 6 books
Michael Burgan, 6 books
John Lukacs, 6 books
Jeanne Martinet, 6 books
Gyan Prakash, 5 books
Jackson, J. Hampden, 5 books
Namier, Lewis Bernstein Sir, 5 books
Louis Leo Snyder, 5 books
Jeremy Adelman, 5 books
Suzanne Marchand, 5 books
Joel Colton, 5 books
Robert Tignor, 5 books
Michael Tsin, 5 books
Jacques Godechot, 5 books
Ben Walsh, 5 books
Firth, Charles Harding Sir., 5 books
Stephen Aron, 5 books
Stephen Kotkin, 5 books


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