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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
DK Eyewitness, 11 books
Lonely Planet, 5 books
Jeffrey Brautigam, 5 books
Hamish Scott, 4 books
Insight Guides, 3 books
Robert Ignatius Burns, 3 books
Mark Fishwick, 3 books
Merry E. Wiesner, 3 books
T. C. W. Blanning, 3 books
John M. Merriman, 3 books
Perrin Towler, 3 books
Norman Housley, 3 books
Reeds, 3 books
D. H. Lawrence, 2 books
Angus Konstam, 2 books
Atsuko Ichijo, 2 books
June K. Burton, 2 books
Stephen J. Lee, 2 books
Biancamaria Fontana, 2 books
Black, Jeremy., 2 books
Peter Burke, 2 books
Jack J. Kanski, 2 books
Michael Livingston, 2 books
Paul Fouracre, 2 books
Williams, Howard, 2 books


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