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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
DK Eyewitness, 18 books
George Walter Prothero, 13 books
A. W. Ward, 13 books
Stanley Leathes, 13 books
Grace Hansen, 11 books
Jeffrey Brautigam, 8 books
J. R. Tanner, 7 books
Rick Steves, 6 books
Wayne C. Thompson, 6 books
Joann Jovinelly, 5 books
Josep Varela i Serra, 5 books
Joel Colton, 5 books
Insight Guides, 5 books
Lonely Planet, 5 books
Wolfgang Neugebauer, 5 books
T. C. W. Blanning, 5 books
Suzanne Marchand, 5 books
José M. Zavala, 5 books
Klaus Neitmann, 5 books
Historische Historische Kommission, 5 books
Uwe Schaper, 5 books
Maurice Cowling, 4 books
Julie Murray, 4 books
Jeremy Black, 4 books
Lloyd Kramer, 4 books


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