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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rochelle Sutin, 3 books
Jack Sutin, 3 books
Esther Kornweitz Parnes, 2 books
James D. Kitchen, 2 books
Lorna Collier, 2 books
Tilli Schulze, 2 books
Alina Bacall-Zwirn, 2 books
Jared Stark, 2 books
Sid Shachnow, 2 books
Jann Robins, 2 books
Ida Piller-Greenspan, 2 books
Susan M. Branting, 2 books
Avraham Azrieli, 2 books
David Faber, 2 books
Magda Herzberger, 1 book
Lynne Kositsky, 1 book
Mona Golabek, 1 book
Joyce Gabriel, 1 book
Alan Bestic, 1 book
Henry Greenspan, 1 book
Corrie Ten Boom, 1 book
Mary Frances Coady, 1 book
Mark Lewis, 1 book
Richard Newman, 1 book
Lee Cohen, 1 book


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