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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Lindesay, 5 books
Luo, Zhewen., 3 books
Christine Webster, 3 books
Daniel Schwartz, 2 books
Cheng, Dalin., 2 books
Brenda Thompson, 2 books
William Edgar Geil, 2 books
Che-wen Lo, 2 books
Jiaguo Xu, 2 books
Zhewen Luo, 2 books
Robert Silverberg, 2 books
Edouard Chavannes, 1 book
Angela Fisher, 1 book
Weng, Yi., 1 book
Egami, Namio, 1 book
Wu, Xiangxiang, 1 book
Rachel Lynette, 1 book
Julia Lovell, 1 book
Zhao, Luo., 1 book
Peter Lum, 1 book
L. Newton Hayes, 1 book
Adele Richardson, 1 book
John Man, 1 book
Jeanne M. Lee, 1 book
Leonard Everett Fisher, 1 book


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