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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Eva Schloss, 4 books
Klaus Kreppel, 3 books
Cornelia Wilhelm, 3 books
Anthony Grenville, 3 books
Armando Lucas Correa, 3 books
Marion Berghahn, 2 books
Mosche Zimmermann, 2 books
Kenneth Libo, 2 books
Gerda Luft, 2 books
Werner J. Lipton, 2 books
Abraham J. Peck, 2 books
Nanda van der Zee, 2 books
Rudolf Glanz, 2 books
Maria Luiza Tucci Carneiro, 2 books
Michael Löwy, 2 books
Heinz Hartmann, 2 books
Emily C. Rose, 2 books
Birgit Seemann, 2 books
Eva Figes, 2 books
G. Stern, 2 books
Arnon Tamir, 2 books
Lea Fleischmann, 2 books
Menaḥem Dorman, 2 books
Gabriele Rosenthal, 2 books
Cordula Lissner, 2 books


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