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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pie Corbett, 5 books
Victoria Lynn Schmidt, 5 books
Donald Maass, 5 books
Kurt Vonnegut, 4 books
Philip A. Roth, 4 books
James Scott Bell, 4 books
John Dufresne, 4 books
David Lodge, 4 books
Jeff Gerke, 4 books
John Casey, 3 books
Chris Baty, 3 books
Laura Whitcomb, 3 books
Andrew Lambirth, 3 books
Lawrence Block, 3 books
Rowena Summers, 3 books
Martha Alderson, 3 books
Chuck Wendig, 3 books
Rose Metal Press, 3 books
Nigel Watts, 3 books
Nell Stevens, 3 books
Rachel Randall, 3 books
Wood, James, 3 books
Paul Tomlinson, 2 books
Sommers, Michael A., 2 books
Cherie Priest, 2 books