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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sara Ahmed, 4 books
Denise Lardner Carmody, 4 books
Elaine Showalter, 4 books
bell hooks, 4 books
Drucilla Cornell, 3 books
Patricia Hill Collins, 3 books
Zillah R. Eisenstein, 3 books
Sandra G. Harding, 3 books
Rosemarie Tong, 3 books
Inderpal Grewal, 3 books
Mary Eagleton, 3 books
Hester Eisenstein, 3 books
Susan Sellers, 3 books
Judith Butler, 3 books
Carol J. Adams, 3 books
Frigga Haug, 3 books
Susan J. Hekman, 3 books
Lorraine Code, 3 books
Ann Ferguson, 3 books
Sandra Lee Bartky, 3 books
Alison M. Jaggar, 2 books
Susan A. Speer, 2 books
Carolyn Korsmeyer, 2 books
Diane Negra, 2 books
Kelly Oliver, 2 books