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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David H. Olson, 11 books
Linda Eyre, 10 books
Linda Acredolo, 10 books
Susan Goodwyn, 10 books
Andrea McGinty, 10 books
Nancy Kirsch, 10 books
Mariano Gonzalez Ramirez, 10 books
Melinda Blau, 10 books
Gary Smalley, 9 books
Tracy Hogg, 9 books
Mariano González Ramírez, 9 books
Elizabeth Pantley, 8 books
Helen Exley, 8 books
Eyre, Richard, 8 books
David Arp, 8 books
Familylife, 8 books
William Sears, 8 books
Claudia Arp, 8 books
Martha Sears, 8 books
Christine Hobart, 7 books
Hundreds of Heads, 7 books
Juliette Clarke, 7 books
Shirlene Jensen, 7 books
Gary Ezzo, 6 books
Ron Louis, 6 books


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