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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lynne Robinson, 12 books
Gordon Thomson, 6 books
Barbara Whiteford, 4 books
Crunch Fitness Guides, 4 books
Crunch, 4 books
Helge Fisher, 4 books
Margie Polden, 4 books
Alan Herdman, 3 books
Bill Pearl, 3 books
Robert Kennedy, 3 books
Myatt Murphy, 3 books
Garth Gilmour, 3 books
Bob Anderson, 3 books
Lesley Ackland, 3 books
Garry Egger, 3 books
Michael King, 3 books
Lesley Mowbray, 3 books
Greg Hurst, 3 books
Nigel Champion, 3 books
Ed Burke, 3 books
Jeff Galloway, 2 books
Michael Mejia, 2 books
Brad Schoenfeld, 2 books
Arthur Lydiard, 2 books
Stewart Smith, 2 books


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