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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mati Erelt, 14 books
Ariste, Paul, 8 books
A. Pihlak, 6 books
Aavik, Johannes, 5 books
T. Erelt, 5 books
Mati Hint, 5 books
Helle Vissak, 5 books
J. Silvet, 5 books
Andrus Saareste, 4 books
A. Reitsak, 4 books
Ülle Viks, 4 books
Raimo Raag, 4 books
Arnold Kask, 4 books
Silvi Vare, 3 books
Hannu Remes, 3 books
Urmas Sutrop, 3 books
Valter Tauli, 3 books
Lauri Einari Kettunen, 3 books
Ants Oras, 3 books
A. Õim, 3 books
Reet Kasik, 3 books
Ülle Viks, 3 books
H. Rätsep, 3 books
Cornelius Hasselblatt, 3 books
Fanny de Sivers, 3 books


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