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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Westminster Assembly (1643-1652), 32 books
John Ball, 11 books
Edward Dering, 11 books
Isaac Watts, 9 books
Martin Luther, 8 books
James Beaven, 7 books
Catholic Church, 7 books
Owen, John, 6 books
Church of England, 6 books
William Perkins, 6 books
Henry Hammond, 6 books
John Willison, 5 books
John Cotton, 5 books
Edward Fenton, 5 books
Philip Schaff, 5 books
Thomas Wilson, 5 books
Emerson, Joseph, 4 books
Heman Humphrey, 4 books
Taylor, Jeremy, 4 books
Wilson, Thomas, 4 books
Thomas Vincent, 4 books
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church (U.S.), 4 books
John Brown, 3 books
D. R., 3 books
Joseph Deharbe, 3 books


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