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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daphne Daume, 5 books
Paul Robert, 2 books
A. W. Chase, 2 books
Jean Le Rond d'Alembert, 2 books
Denis Diderot, 2 books
Alain Rey, 2 books
Robert Chambers, 2 books
Saugrain, 2 books
Arkady Leokum, 1 book
Robert, Paul, 1 book
Alan Bullock, 1 book
Jean Riverain, 1 book
Louis Charles Dezobry, 1 book
Pierre Larousse, 1 book
M. Font-Altaba, 1 book
Yves Morin, 1 book
Stearns, Samuel, 1 book
Robert Sears, 1 book
Andrew Dalby, 1 book
E. D. Hirsch, 1 book
Mortimer J. Adler, 1 book
Kimberly D. Pelle, 1 book
Voltaire, 1 book
Saunier, 1 book
Benedetto Robert, 1 book


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