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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Denis Diderot, 50 books
Jean Le Rond d'Alembert, 42 books
Pierre Larousse, 38 books
Larousse (Firm), 22 books
Alain Rey, 11 books
Robert, Paul, 8 books
Fran©ʹois Pag©·s, 6 books
Brunetto Latini, 5 books
William Duckett, 5 books
Jean Pruvost, 4 books
Ch Dezobry, 4 books
Valentino Bompiani, 3 books
Noel Chomel, 3 books
Marie Nicolas Bouillet, 3 books
Larousse, 3 books
Robert Laffont, 3 books
Bonnaterre abbé, 3 books
Martine Groult, 2 books
Charles Maurras, 2 books
Philipp Blom, 2 books
Marion, Marcel, 2 books
Philippe Merlet, 2 books
André Berthelot, 2 books
Collectif, 2 books
Isabelle Jeuge-Maynart, 2 books


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