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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jackie Silberg, 10 books
Joseph Sparling, 6 books
Bryant J. Cratty, 6 books
Carol K. Lee, 5 books
Irene Wood Bell, 5 books
Ina Massler Levin, 4 books
Grace Jasmine, 4 books
Sally Goldberg, 4 books
Hal Malehorn, 3 books
Wagner, Guy, 3 books
Sivasailam Thiagarajan, 3 books
Donna Brandes, 3 books
Tony 'Anthony' Tallarico, 3 books
Marla Pender McGhee, 3 books
Edward E. Scannell, 3 books
Peggy Kaye, 3 books
Michael Popp, 2 books
Carol J. Veitch, 2 books
Liz Wilmes, 2 books
Lois Arnold, 2 books
Dana McMillan, 2 books
Henri Arnold, 2 books
Pavel Zemliansky, 2 books
Bonnie Dill, 2 books
Margaret Elizabeth Mulac, 2 books


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