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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gerard Kornelis van het Reve, 17 books
Conrad Busken Huet, 12 books
Cees Nooteboom, 12 books
Jeroen Brouwers, 9 books
Louis Couperus, 5 books
Frédéric Louis Bastet, 5 books
G. L. Durlacher, 5 books
Multatuli, 5 books
Jan Wolkers, 4 books
Jan Fontijn, 4 books
Hella S. Haasse, 4 books
Wim Hazeu, 4 books
Simon Vestdijk, 4 books
Willem Diemer, 3 books
Jakob Meijer, 3 books
Willem Frederik Hermans, 3 books
Theun de Vries, 3 books
Johan Fabricius, 3 books
Nol Gregoor, 3 books
Jan Greshoff, 3 books
Hans van Straten, 3 books
Nico Keuning, 3 books
Pierre Hubert Dubois, 3 books
Marcellus Emants, 3 books
Lucie Th Vermij, 3 books


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