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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Purwadi, 9 books
Niels Mulder, 9 books
Hermanus Johannes de Graaf, 7 books
Sudarsono, 6 books
M. C. Ricklefs, 6 books
Berg, C. C., 5 books
Guy Tachard, 5 books
Krisna Bayu Adji, 5 books
Sartono Kartodirdjo, 4 books
Hein Buitenweg, 4 books
Conradus Leemans, 4 books
Hella S. Haasse, 4 books
S. Nawiyanto, 4 books
Soesilo, 4 books
Dipanegara Pangeran, 3 books
Jan Breman, 3 books
Gotthard Schuh, 3 books
Soemarsaid Moertono, 3 books
Raffles, Thomas Stamford Sir, 3 books
Theodore G. Th Pigeaud, 3 books
N. J. Krom, 3 books
Willemine Fruin-Mees, 3 books
Frick, Christoph, 3 books
P. M. Laksono, 3 books
Peter Hutton, 3 books


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