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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Miguel Covarrubias, 8 books
Belo, Jane., 5 books
Lesley Reader, 5 books
Hans Hoefer, 4 books
Jane Belo, 4 books
R. Goris, 4 books
Ryan Ver Berkmoes, 4 books
Chikyū no Arukikata Henshūshitsu, 4 books
I Made Sutaba, 3 books
Gotthard Schuh, 3 books
Christiaan Hooykaas, 3 books
I Gusti Gde Ardana, 3 books
Ida Anak Agung Made Regeg, 3 books
Nyoman S. Pendit, 3 books
Eiseman, Fred B., 3 books
Eric Oey, 3 books
David J. Stuart-Fox, 3 books
Hildred Geertz, 3 books
John Stephen Lansing, 3 books
Boshou Lin, 3 books
Hickman Powell, 2 books
Putra., 2 books
Cox, David, 2 books
Jef Last, 2 books
I Ngurah Suryawan, 2 books