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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard M. Lerner, 19 books
Jaan Valsiner, 17 books
Laura E. Berk, 15 books
Marc H. Bornstein, 15 books
Kathleen Stassen Berger, 14 books
Michael E. Lamb, 11 books
Dante Cicchetti, 11 books
John W. Santrock, 11 books
Robert V. Kail, 10 books
Paul B. Baltes, 9 books
Diane E. Papalia, 9 books
Barbara M. Newman, 9 books
David Magnusson, 8 books
Ruth Beckmann Murray, 8 books
Karen L. Freiberg, 8 books
Erikson, Erik H., 7 books
Fujinaga, Tamotsu, 7 books
Michael Rutter, 7 books
Spencer A. Rathus, 7 books
Helen Bee, 7 books
Robert S. Feldman, 7 books
Denise Boyd, 7 books
Cole, Michael, 7 books
John C. Cavanaugh, 7 books
Philip R. Newman, 7 books


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