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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas Riggs, 18 books
Béka, 8 books
Arnold L. Haskell, 7 books
Richard Austin, 7 books
Anthony Crickmay, 6 books
John Joseph Martin, 5 books
Josephine Baker, 5 books
Merce Cunningham, 5 books
Martha Swope, 5 books
Katharine Holabird, 5 books
André Levinson, 5 books
Agnes De Mille, 5 books
Walter Terry, 4 books
Beatriz Cerbino, 4 books
Nora Roberts, 4 books
Mira., 4 books
Marvin Hamlisch, 4 books
Carol Anderson, 4 books
Marian Horosko, 4 books
Alexander Bland, 3 books
Frank-Manuel Peter, 3 books
Gordon Anthony, 3 books
Niehaus, Max writer on ballet., 3 books
Daisy Meadows, 3 books
Roberto Pereira, 3 books


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