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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Arnold L. Haskell, 43 books
Cyril W. Beaumont, 21 books
Sotheby & Co. (London, England), 20 books
Serge Lifar, 18 books
Ivor Forbes Guest, 17 books
Katharine Holabird, 16 books
Lincoln Kirstein, 15 books
Vittoria Crespi Morbio, 14 books
Clarke, Mary, 12 books
André Levinson, 11 books
Kate Castle, 10 books
Serge Lido, 10 books
Lawson, Joan., 9 books
Jean Georges Noverre, 9 books
Ann Bryant, 9 books
Horst Koegler, 9 books
Clement Crisp, 9 books
Thalia Mara, 8 books
Patricia Reilly Giff, 8 books
Satoru Makimura, 8 books
Ian Woodward, 7 books
A. H. Franks, 7 books
Jean Pierre Pastori, 7 books
David Vaughan, 7 books
I︠U︡ Slonimskiĭ, 7 books


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