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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas Riggs, 11 books
Maurice Béjart, 6 books
Agnes De Mille, 5 books
August Bournonville, 5 books
Merce Cunningham, 4 books
Roland Petit, 4 books
Walter Terry, 3 books
Judy L. Hasday, 3 books
Anderson, Jack, 3 books
César Delgado Martínez, 3 books
Solomon Volkov, 3 books
Cholly Atkins, 3 books
Martha Graham, 3 books
Bronislava Nijinska, 3 books
Ken Mandelbaum, 3 books
Marcia B. Siegel, 3 books
Richard Buckle, 3 books
A. Demidov, 2 books
Norbert Servos, 2 books
Bernard Taper, 2 books
Michel Fokine, 2 books
Serge Lifar, 2 books
Ebbe Mørk, 2 books
Romola de Pulszky Nijinsky, 2 books
Amanda Vaill, 2 books


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