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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Vítězslav Nezval, 7 books
Svatopluk Čech, 5 books
M. Červenka, 5 books
Václav Hanka, 5 books
A. French, 4 books
Paul Selver, 4 books
Alfred French, 4 books
Jacek Baluch, 3 books
M. Červenka, 3 books
Seifert, Jaroslav, 3 books
Josef Hiršal, 3 books
František Halas, 3 books
Ladislav Štoll, 3 books
František Xaver Šalda, 3 books
František Götz, 3 books
Zdeňka Tichá, 2 books
Milan Blahynka, 2 books
Jakobson, Roman, 2 books
George Theiner, 2 books
Zděnek Kožmín, 2 books
František Hrubín, 2 books
Jan Mukařovský, 2 books
Josef Hanzlík, 2 books
Mathesius, Bohumil, 2 books
Karel Čapek, 2 books


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