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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Ruskin, 12 books
W. Pies, 12 books
A. Weiss, 12 books
O. Lehmann, 9 books
Martin Julian Buerger, 7 books
B. K. Vaĭnshteĭn, 7 books
Theo Hahn, 7 books
Nicolaus Steno, 7 books
René Just Haüy, 6 books
P. Groth, 6 books
Hermann Franz Moritz Kopp, 6 books
Bragg, William Lawrence Sir, 5 books
William Henry Bragg, 5 books
Wilhelm Haidinger, 5 books
I. I. Shafranovskiĭ, 5 books
Kitaĭgorodskiĭ, A. I., 4 books
Karl-Otto Backhaus, 4 books
Linus Pauling, 4 books
A. V. Shubnikov, 4 books
J. F. Nye, 4 books
Alfred Joseph Moses, 4 books
Max Born, 4 books
A. E. H. Tutton, 3 books
James D. Dana, 3 books
Duncan McKie, 3 books


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