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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bharat Bhushan, 7 books
G. Benedek, 6 books
Donald O. Thompson, 6 books
K. W. Allen, 6 books
Holm Altenbach, 6 books
D. P. Woodruff, 6 books
Bharat Bhushan, 5 books
I. H. Marshall, 5 books
R. C. Bradt, 5 books
Y. S. Touloukian, 5 books
R. Wiesendanger, 5 books
Tom Proulx, 5 books
Andreas Öchsner, 5 books
J. A. C. Bland, 4 books
John J. Burke, 4 books
Winfried Mönch, 4 books
Roland Wiesendanger, 4 books
Katrin Kneipp, 4 books
Shigeyuki Sōmiya, 4 books
J. L. Morán-López, 4 books
P. J. Lemstra, 4 books
Patricia Whitehouse, 3 books
Hans Bach, 3 books
Manuel Cardona, 3 books
John C. Russ, 3 books


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