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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
IEEE, 34 books
IEEE Electron Devices Society, 20 books
Robert K. Willardson, 18 books
Albert C. Beer, 16 books
S. J. Pearton, 16 books
Kong Thon Tsen, 12 books
Michael Shur, 12 books
Eicke R. Weber, 11 books
S. M. Sze, 10 books
R. K. Willardson, 10 books
E. Fred Schubert, 10 books
Louay A. Eldada, 9 books
Sadao Adachi, 8 books
Jin-Joo Song, 8 books
Richard I. Epstein, 8 books
V. V. Pasynkov, 7 books
I. M. T͡Sidilʹkovskiĭ, 7 books
S. Ashok, 7 books
Mahmoud Omar Manasreh, 7 books
Hongxing Jiang, 7 books
John Albers, 7 books
Robert S. Bauer, 7 books
David K. Ferry, 7 books
Jacques I. Pankove, 6 books
A. G. Cullis, 6 books


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