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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 37 books
Stan Gibilisco, 21 books
Peter W. Hawkes, 18 books
NCCER, 17 books
Ian Robertson Sinclair, 17 books
ASME, 16 books
Mark Frauenfelder, 15 books
Rudolf F. Graf, 15 books
Owen Bishop, 12 books
Peter-Klaus Budig, 11 books
Charles A. Schuler, 11 books
Wai-Kai Chen, 11 books
Nigel P. Cook, 11 books
Krzysztof Iniewski, 11 books
Delton T. Horn, 11 books
Ryan Holm, 11 books
Robert Michael Brown, 10 books
Juraj Marek, 10 books
Gregor Pobegen, 10 books
Ulrike Grossner, 10 books
P. W. Hawkes, 10 books
Niels Dreijer, 10 books
Victor F. C. Veley, 10 books
Albert Paul Malvino, 10 books
Rex Miller, 10 books


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