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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Markus, 14 books
IEEE, 11 books
Rudolf F. Graf, 10 books
Ryan Holm, 10 books
Thomas L. Floyd, 8 books
Wai-Kai Chen, 8 books
Gunnar Møller, 6 books
Niels Dreijer, 6 books
Adel S. Sedra, 6 books
Matthew Mandl, 5 books
William Sheets, 5 books
Thomas McConnell Adams, 4 books
Robert T. Paynter, 4 books
Clayton R. Paul, 4 books
Ian Robertson Sinclair, 4 books
Ian Hickman, 4 books
Allen Mottershead, 3 books
Jacob Millman, 3 books
Samuel Seely, 3 books
Alexander Schure, 3 books
Thomas Lyle Martin, 3 books
Weber, Samuel, 3 books
Robert L. Boylestad, 3 books
John D. Lenk, 3 books
Owen Bishop, 3 books


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