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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ulrich Kruerke, 12 books
Arthur Israel Vogel, 12 books
Ingeborg Schumann, 11 books
Therald Moeller, 10 books
Mellor, Joseph William, 10 books
A. G. Sharpe, 10 books
Adolf Slawisch, 8 books
Edith Schleitzer-Rust, 8 books
F. Albert Cotton, 8 books
Leopold Gmelin, 7 books
H. J. Emeléus, 7 books
Georg Brauer, 5 books
J. R. Partington, 5 books
R. B. Heslop, 5 books
Johannes Fussel, 5 books
R. Bruce King, 5 books
E. A. V. Ebsworth, 5 books
William L. Jolly, 5 books
Wilhelm Ostwald, 4 books
Gaston Charlot, 4 books
Michell J. Sienko, 4 books
Heinrich Biltz, 4 books
Henri Moissan, 4 books
Henry E. Roscoe, 4 books
Smith, Alexander, 4 books


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