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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Axel Honneth, 15 books
Ruediger John, 10 books
Ben Agger, 7 books
Hugh Willmott, 6 books
Herbert Marcuse, 6 books
Amy Allen, 6 books
Theodor W. Adorno, 6 books
Danielle Petherbridge, 6 books
Boaventura de Sousa Santos, 5 books
Jenny Edkins, 5 books
Andrew Feenberg, 5 books
Stephen Eric Bronner, 5 books
Stefan Gandler, 5 books
Reiland Rabaka, 5 books
Kate McGowan, 5 books
Payne, Michael, 5 books
Max Horkheimer, 4 books
Lois Tyson, 4 books
Christoph Türcke, 4 books
Mats Alvesson, 4 books
John Rundell, 4 books
Patrick Fuery, 4 books
Jan Spurk, 4 books
Reiland Rabaka, 4 books
José Maurício Domingues, 4 books


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