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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edward de Bono, 27 books
Sidney Jay Parnes, 13 books
E. Paul Torrance, 13 books
Robert J. Sternberg, 11 books
Anna Craft, 10 books
Vincent Ryan Ruggiero, 10 books
John Mauk, 9 books
Scott G. Isaksen, 9 books
Mark A. Runco, 9 books
Joseph Hester, 8 books
William J. J Gordon, 8 books
Donald J. Treffinger, 7 books
James A. Smith, 7 books
Seth Godin, 7 books
Dodge, Diane Trister., 7 books
Daniel H. Pink, 6 books
Michael J. Gelb, 6 books
William Duggan, 6 books
John Metz, 6 books
Hester, 6 books
Stephen Bowkett, 6 books
Howard P. Vincent, 6 books
Stanley S. Gryskiewicz, 6 books
Bob Stanish, 6 books
Joseph P. Hester, 6 books