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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean-Paul Sartre, 23 books
Gaston Bachelard, 13 books
Peter Sís, 13 books
Jennifer L. Holm, 12 books
Leslie Patricelli, 11 books
John Burningham, 10 books
Nancy N. Rue, 9 books
Dr. Seuss, 9 books
Hervé Tullet, 9 books
Martine Latulippe, 9 books
Joanne D. Meier, 8 books
Maria Espluga, 8 books
Ernst Bloch, 7 books
Christyan Fox, 7 books
Kirsten Hall, 7 books
Golden Books, 7 books
Michaela Morgan, 7 books
Cecilia Minden, 6 books
Lisa McCourt, 6 books
Antoinette Portis, 6 books
Anthony Browne, 6 books
Margaret Mahy, 6 books
Michaela Muntean, 6 books
Jennifer Fosberry, 6 books
Dominique Jolin, 6 books


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