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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stewart Walton, 19 books
Masako Sakai, 12 books
A. G. Smith, 12 books
Michie Sahara, 12 books
Nancy J. Smith, 12 books
Lynda S. Milligan, 12 books
Sally Walton, 11 books
Sterling Publishing, 10 books
Bob Longe, 10 books
Nancy Smith, 9 books
Various, 9 books
Pati Palmer, 9 books
Roger Schroeder, 9 books
Annette Bradshaw, 9 books
Gwyn Franson, 9 books
Rita Weiss, 9 books
Lynda Milligan, 9 books
Jean Leinhauser, 8 books
Jocasta Innes, 8 books
Tom Wolfe, 8 books
Gail Brown, 8 books
Douglas Congdon-Martin, 7 books
Judy Martin, 7 books
Jim Mauzy, 7 books
Creative Publishing international, 7 books


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